Atelier Alpine: three iconic liveries for a unique A110

Juli 2023
  • Alpine is expanding its customisation Atelier with livery options contributing to the unique character of each A110.
  • The offer comprises three new and exclusive livery designs inspired by Alpine's legendary DNA: French Signature, Racing Heritage and US Racing 2023.
  • The French Signature livery recalls Alpine's origins in Dieppe (France), while the Racing Heritage livery refers to its Racing DNA and date of birth in 1955. Finally, the US Racing 2023 replicates the A110 GT4 that propelled Alpine to the Pikes Peak podium.

French Signature: French elegance to highlight Alpine's origins
The tricolour line from the bonnet to the roof reflects Alpine's origins in Dieppe (France). It features the triangular "Snowflakes" motif used by Alpine in Formula 1 and endurance racing. The A110's rooftop features the iconic A arrow.

Racing Heritage: flashback to 1955 in tribute to Alpine's heritage
The double white stripe that runs across the bonnet and roof to the rear boot of the car is in keeping with the spirit of "vintage" racing. The telltale number 55 appears on the bonnet in a white circle, referencing the date the brand was founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé.

US Racing 2023: in the tracks of the A110 Pikes Peak
This covering replicates the livery of the A110 Pikes Peak, which took on the 156 bends of the legendary Pikes Peak hill climb on 25 June 2023. For its first participation in the legendary American hillclimb, the A110 Pikes Peak made history by beating the record in its category and finishing on the podium.This A110 and its spectacular design are here replicated into the legendary US Racing 2023 livery.

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